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Last night was the third Rob Case’s Open Mic – Poor David’s Pub virtual open mic during Poor David’s Pub‘s birthday month. If you missed it, I’m truly sorry. You missed a great show. All month we have been featuring songwriters who have played at PDP over the years. Both Tish Hinojosa and Caroline Aiken have performed at PDP for a number of years and on the virtual open mic a few times. David Card – Poor David himself – introduced Tish, then after her set, told everyone about the upcoming events at PDP and introduced Caroline. In my opinion, both songwriters played their best sets of their appearances on the show last night.

In fact, every one on the show brought their best stuff last night. You can still see the show on the Rob Case’s Open Mic – Poor David’s Pub Facebook page. Joe Kidd and Sheila Burke have been on the show a couple of times and also performed well on some good songs. See and hear it for yourself.

The virtual open mic is also a fundraiser to help Poor David’s Pub and the Kerrville Folk Festival through the lean times that began in the pandemic and are not over completely. for Paypal and Venmo@David-Card-12. Donations are split between the two venues.

If you haven’t seen the show, you should really take the time on Mondays to relax with your favorite beverage, enjoy a late dinner, and listen to some good music. I’ll be posting the line-up for next week in a few days.

Don’t forget the Songwriters Showcase at PDP – featuring the performers from the open mic – this Friday 7-11p.m. Admission is $10, which is cheap for the amount of entertainers you’ll get to hear. I’ll post the list of performers tomorrow. If you don’t get there this Friday – well, you’ll miss a damn good show – but my point is, tune in next Monday. You won’t regret it.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Finally putting this out there. The version of Chocolate Eclairs and Apple Fritters that won was the version from the album Southern Plains Revisited. Which was a re-mixed version of a cd Joel Nichols and I recorded in the 90’s before he passed away in 1999. Revisited includes a couple of songs I recorded that didn’t make my cd, Chasing After Wind. It’s always nice to be honored on any level. Thank you to the World Songwriting Awards!!

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Tonight is the second of four virtual Rob Case’s Open Mics – Poor David’s Pub in March, PDP‘s birthday month. The special guests are Hogan & Moss and Ann Armstrong/Steve Hughes. Enjoy the guests and the regulars for some good original songs while you hang out at the house with your favorite beverage and snacks. And while you’re enjoying the good music, donate at paypal –, or Venmo – Venmo@David-Card-12. Each donation is split between Poor David’s Pub and the Kerrville Folk Festival to help keep the venues open during trying times.

Also mark your calendar for Friday, March 25 to see your favorite virtual open mic performers live at Poor David’s Pub. Stay tuned for the lineup when it’s finalized. In the meantime, we’ll “see” you at the virtual open mic tonight and each time before the Showcase at Poor David’s Pub.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Driving While Distracted

With the gas prices rising, I thought back to being on the road. It is cheaper to re-live past drives than plan new ones.

I was driving through Oklahoma, headed to our oldest son, Conner’s, house in Des Moines. After I got through the various construction sites on I-35 – who would figure? – the road turned long, straight, and boring. Since Cyndy’s job is getting oversize and overweight permits for truckers and shipping businesses, I notice more about trucks than I did before. When I see an oversize or overweight truck, I wonder if Cyndy got them the permits.

I often wonder what the hell they’re hauling. The picture above is of just big-ass pipes, right? Stay tuned.

I had plenty of time to contemplate this one. The jerk in front of me wouldn’t pass the truck and I wasn’t about to get stuck by the side of a truck when the driver decided he needed to change lanes and couldn’t see me. My first, and probably best guess, is a huge freaking RV in heavy duty shrinkwrap. Not only because of the size, but the top on the back end. Like a vent, or something of that nature. But it could also be one of those power stations, where people actually go inside to make adjustments. Or something that would never occur to me – and didn’t.

I don’t have a clue but the Oversized Load sign is simply stating the obvious. I didn’t get a good look from the side – I was going too fast to get past the truck.

So that’s the stuff I wonder about when I’m driving. While I’m taking the pictures, I’m looking at the road, but I’m still extremely careful. Pictures don’t matter if you die before you see them.

As to the big-ass pipes in the first picture. I’ve seen concrete pipes that size before, metal pipes, too. But those were the biggest PVC pipes I have ever seen. I didn’t realize they made them that big. Then again, they probably never realized that someone hadn’t clued me in. So there you go.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Last night was the first of four virtual Rob Case’s Open Mic – Poor David’s Pub shows during Poor David Pub’s 45th birthday month. (Check for full birthday events) Each week, host Rob Case and behind the scenes guru Lynda Case will present songwriters who have played at PDP through the years along with regulars of the open mic – some of whom have played at PDP – and guests. Last night the featured songwriters having performed at PDP were Lynn McCracken and Tom Prasada-Rao. The other performing songwriters played solid sets of original material as well. Incidentally, last night was our 95th virtual show!

Tune in each week to hear an eclectic line-up of songwriters. Around Texas, we have had songwriters from Corpus Christi, Katy, and west, east, and north Texas. Outside of Texas we have had songwriters from Canada, Boston, North Carolina, Colorado, and Los Angeles, among others. And it’s Monday night. What else are you doing? Grab your favorite beverage, your favorite snacks, and settle in for three hours of music – and often laughter.

Join us from 7-10 p.m. Monday nights on the Rob Case’s Open Mic – Poor David’s Pub page on Facebook. If you are a songwriter and would like to play on the show contact Lynda Case at

The show is also a fundraiser. The donations are split between Poor David’s Pub and the Kerrville Folk Festival in order to keep the two venues going during the slow recovery from the effects of Covid. If you would like to donate now, the paypal address is David Card, poor David himself, sends 50% to the Kerrville Folks every few weeks.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Kleenex on the Dryer

This is the laundry room at my parents’ house of over fifty years. We moved there in 1971. The laundry room is actually the small hallway from the kitchen to the garage. The half bath is across from the washer and dryer. Most of the time, though, I remember the box of Kleenex being on the washer more often than the dryer. But during over a half a century, things change.

The odd thing is that only recently it occurred to me that I had no idea why the Kleenex was always there. There is room in the bathroom, possibly, for one of the “cube” boxes they have now. Yet the bathroom has been remodeled a couple of times. I don’t remember how it was years ago, but my parents have always been consistent. It has always been a rectangular box of Kleenex and it was always on the washer. And I don’t ever remember a different size box of Kleenex in that house. Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever buying a different size box of Kleenex in other abodes in which I have lived, with maybe two exceptions. I guess Freud could tell you about that.

Fortunately, both parents are still living, so I could conceivable ask them why. They still have their facilties, though some of them are fading. I would like to ask them why the Kleenex is always on the washer or dryer. Unfortunately, I don’t think they could tell me. I’ve asked them similar questions and they couldn’t tell me why.

But it’s not for any big loss of memory. They don’t remember some things, yet other things they remember quite vividly. That’s just getting older. They wouldn’t be able to tell me because they’re not sure why it started in the first place.

Cyndy and I have been – or had been before two sons moved back in (albeit temporarily) – beginning to get rid of stuff. Let’s say we’re downsizing or we’ll be here forever. Getting rid of stuff, I’ve done a lot of wondering why things were where they were in the first place. Neither one of us knew – or any of the five of us here at the time – why they began to be there or be here at all.

But I still wonder why someone needs a Kleenex before going into, or coming out of, the garage.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Dog days of summer

heat burning down

enough to melt the smile

from the face of a clown

Heat waves make a visible breeze

that moves the air, runs sky to ground,

gives no relief,

and nothing makes a sound.


The future is uncertain

or so it seems

due to the ending and beginning of dreams

with the new dream an infant

and the old dream retired,

some senses are numb

while others are wired

beyond belief.


An overheated radiator smells like celery

as long as it isn’t your car,

Some things you’ve kept forever

actually look as old as you are,

Life looks better up close

than it does from afar,

Nothing tastes as good from a can

as it does from a jar,

Then the curtain falls

and time passes.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.






Granola bars

are for people

who want to be healthy,

but cannot escape the munchies.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.




Good Morning (To Cyndy)


Good Morning – the Love of my Life,

Even though I miss you when you are gone,

I am excited – and anxious –

To see you again.


Because I know that

when you walk in the door,

you will be more beautiful

than when you left.


You have been more beautiful

each time I have seen you

for over thirty years

And more so with each passing day.


My one wish is simply

That you realize –

and rest in the comfort of the fact –

that I love you – literally – more than life itself.


Without you, my life would have little meaning.

You are such a large part of the good parts of who I am.

Have a great day!

Love you.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.



The Jester and The Lady


Scared is a reason,

Paranoid a curse,

The two souls surviving,

jester and lady,

Through verse.


The jester is still hiding

What the lady has seen,

And cries in the darkness

At the mess as it’s been.


Line of confusion, illusion,

Harpsichord melody,

The reflection of the essence

of the things that should be.


The lines which evolve

from the songwriter’s pen,

are requested by the lady

again, yes, and again.


It is her own way of drifting,

as his is to write,

Echoes of laughter

Escort the dawn into light.


The lady’s words

put the truth where it stands,

While the moment is tossed

just to see where it lands.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.




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