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While my live cd, Peace Be With You, has been available on my website – www.danroark.com – it was just recently released to all other outlets. The first seven songs were recorded at various times by Carlos Sanchez at Poor David’s Pub. The last song is a studio recording of What the Lord Intends, a song I wrote about Sack Summer Hunger that was mixed and mastered by my son, Conner.

The title song is a song I wrote about the shooting of the police officers at the peaceful protest in downtown Dallas in the summer of 2016.

I wanted to get it released before the release of my new EP, Hello Out There, in early July. Check out Peace Be With You on my website, CDBaby, and the usual places. Some sites insist you put Daniel rather than just Dan since my copyrights and such are in my full name, Daniel Lee Roark. Feel free to like, subscribe, share, etc.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Dan Roark

I opened the second TexasSelectRadio.com Shaun and Dan show at Guitars and Growlers on Monday, February 12. Following my set, John Mason took the stage. His set of originals included his song about the beverage we all love and why we call coffee “Joe,” entitled I Wanna Know.

John Mason

Gigi Gostas followed Mason. She played a set of her original songs that tell tales of a life lived and learned. Including a song she wrote thinking about all of the physical changes that a woman goes through. Don Wall came on next and played his tunes which included Hard to Handle, Home in my Dreams, and Papa’s Recipe. Shaun Outen took the stage to play a few songs before Dan closed out the night.

Gigi Gostas

Follow the links and hear their music for yourself and notice when they’re playing next so you can go see them live. If you’re a songwriter and would like to be on the show, send Shaun or Dan a message. Or say so in a comment.

Don Wall


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.


Shaun Outen

Jason Gibson and Mark Purnell

Now that Christmas is over and I’m finally starting to get over the cold I got for Christmas, it’s time to start catching up.

Jason Gibson and Mark Burnaugh opened the show at Love and War on December 19th that Shaun Outen and I hosted. They swapped songs as well as accompanying each other. Their set included Don’t Take My Whiskey and One Night Taco Stand.

Cold Multiple & Domestic

Cold Multiple & Domestic took the stage after Gibson and Purnell. The band consists of Craig Fasken, rhythm guitar and vocals, Craig Smith, lead guitar, Michael Levy on bass, and Matt O’Dea on drums. They play rock and roll and blues. And they do it well.

Dan Roark

The band played songs by Old 97s, Bob Seger, and others. Their set also included originals like the one about Pancho Villa. Fasken said that the first two songs they wrote together were blues songs. Then they played Fifteen Years, one of the two songs.

I followed the band and played a few songs, including Waffle House is a Mighty Fortress, and I Got My Ass Kicked in Nashville from my upcoming cd, Hello Out There. Terry Strange followed me and closed out the evening with a set that included his songs, Angel Song,

Terry Strange

and How About the Truth.

It was a great show. Come on out this Tuesday and join Shaun and myself. Come listen or plan to play a few of your songs on TexasSelectRadio.com. Good music, good food, friendly staff. Come join us!

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.


Colleen Francis

The Dallas Songwriters Association 3rd Saturday showcase on September 16, was held in the lounge at Plano Super Bowl (PSB) due to a last minute change. Angela’s at the Crosswalk has been sold and the new owner cancelled all music indefinitely. Julie Holmer, one of the former owners, assisted DSA in finding a location because of the sudden announcement.

The showcase was from 9-11 p.m. – as opposed to 7:30 – 10 at Angela’s. League play at the bowling alley ends at 9 p.m. and open bowl begins. The sound system was set up so that the performers  were playing to the people in the lounge, but could be heard by customers walking into PSB and bowlers on that end of the building.

Colleen Francis opened the show at 9. With the casual bowling atmosphere, she played

Host Dan Roark

mostly originals, but threw in a few covers. The crowd in the lounge was fluid, mostly consisting of bowlers coming in from the bowling lanes and people waiting for a lane. While there was little applause at the end of songs, it was obvious people were listening and looking in to see who was playing. Colleen’s set included her songs, Wildflower, and crowd favorite, Better Than This.

Host Dan Roark followed Francis at 9:45. While people moved in and out of, and by, the bar, he played River That Flows and the Aardvark song among others. A small crowd of people were standing in the bar when Dan played Chocolate Eclairs and Apple Fritters and I Got My Ass Kicked in Nashville to finish his set. The security guard was seen tapping his foot and nodding his head.

Jeff Stachowski

Jeff Stachowski began to play about 10:20 for the final set of the evening. He began with his love trilogy: It’s Not Love, 99 Postcards, and Month of Mondays. He also played crowd favorites, 5 Miles of Smiles, and Little Green Men. Jeff also has a band called PROPELLER. Being a comedian in a former life, Stachowski mixes humor with his music.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Dan Roark, Jennifer Holm, Colleen Francis

I had the good fortune to be asked by Jennifer Holm to join her and Colleen Francis for the Song & Story show on DentonRadio.com on Thursday, September 7. The two women were in place with Jake Laughlin setting up the computer and sound when I arrived. I got my guitar and the necessary accessories and settled into my chair in the studio.

We were making small talk as Jake finished getting things set up. Colleen told me she was supposed to tell me hello from Vic and Mary Brooke Casad. Keep that in mind – it will come up later. After a technical issue that caused us to restart the introductions, Jennifer welcomed the listeners and did the usual radio announcements. After which we introduced ourselves – follow the links for our info.

Then Colleen started the songs with Night Owl. While we traded off songs, the other songs she played were Wildflower, a piece from a current project, Better Than This, and Rainbow in the Night. I liked all of her songs, but I liked Better Than This best.

Jennifer was next in the rotation. Her first song was Falling, about falling in love. Her other songs were Old House, I Guess This is Goodbye, Against the House, and Fire and Ice.

When my first turn came, I played Hello Out There, my song for those on the autism spectrum. My following songs were I Just Want to Get Social, Why Now?, and Walking to Jerusalem, before ending the show and my five songs with Chocolate Eclairs and Apple Fritters. Walking to Jerusalem is a song I wrote while reading Mary Brooke Casad’s book, Road to Amazing, which she wrote with her brother, Clayton Oliphant. Mary Brooke is Colleen’s aunt in-law. Talk about a small world.

It was a delightful show and we had a lot of fun. Performing in the round is always a good time. But you don’t have to take my word for it. The video is below and you can see for yourself.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

I drove out to play the open mic at The Forge in Ben Wheeler on Wednesday, June 28th. It’s a rustic, friendly restaurant in a rustic friendly little town.

I was on the list among locals and didn’t get the names. Eddie Pardee was the guest host for TD Wilt. Eddie let me play a couple extra songs since I’d driven out from Farmers Branch. I had fun and the crowd seemed to enjoy my songs.

Then I had the chance to hear some more local

Aimee Pietzsch

talent, including a young woman with more bracelets than I’ve ever seen any one person wear. Her name was Aimee Pietzsch and she seemed to wear the bracelets naturally and with a little class. She sat down at the mic with a friend on guitar. Aimee sang one hell of a version of Me and Bobby McGee. Both Janis Joplin and Kris Kristofferson would be proud. Unfortunately, it was the only song she had prepared.

I love to promote younger songwriters and younger performers. It’s gives me a feeling of warmth to hear young people perform songs with intensity of those who preceded them. I’ll have to make it back out to play and hopefully hear her again. If you’re out that way, drop in. The food, talent, and staff are all top notch and small town friendly.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.


Janelle Nichole

The Dallas Songwriters Association 3rd Saturday showcase on June 17 began at 7:30 with Janelle Nichole. Janelle is a young woman from Fredricksburg with a beautiful voice and a kind spirit. She entertained the diners with cover songs mixed with her nice original songs. She is currently working on funds for a cd. From the songs she played at Angela’s, the cd will be worth getting  – and putting the songs on your playlist when she’s on Spotify. It’s only a matter of when.

As host, Dan Roark went on after Janelle. I played a mixture of old and new songs, ending with my newest song, I Got My Ass Kicked in Nashville. The title is the first line of the chorus. The second line is “seems like all the way to St. Paul.” The first night I played it live, among the people that commented on it was a couple who happend to be from St. Paul. Go figure.

Rob Case

Rob Case ended the showcase with songs from his Last Call in Texas cd. Bayou City, Song about Texas, Last Call in Texas,  and Are We Even Yet? were some of the highlights. He said there were a few he didn’t care for as much, so he wasn’t going to do those. Rob didn’t tell us what they were though.

It was an evening of songs and stories about life and events past for a good appreciative crowd. Make plans to go to Angela’s on the third Saturday to hear more good songwriters in the showcase. On July 15, John Mason and Cat McGee will be co-guest hosting. The opening songwriter will be announced soon.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Mr. Troll

The Monday, April 10th edition of the Poor David’s Pub Open Mic was another one of those open mic shows you’d be sorry you missed. If you knew you missed it. And now I’m here to tell you what you missed. So you can be sorry.

The show began, as it usually does, with the host, the

Josh Vincent

inimitable Mr. Troll. Keith Crow, one of the regulars, followed Troll. Josh Vincent played next – you should check him out if you get the chance. Yours truly, Dan Roark, followed Josh and preceded the featured artist.

The featured artist was Voodoo Witness. They rocked the house for the next forty minutes. People go completely crazy these days when it comes to music genres. Those who are into genres might use two or three kinds of rock to describe their

Voodoo Witness

music. I only need one – kick ass rock and roll. Of course, they put their own spin on it, but they simply rock. Do not miss a chance to see them.

Harry Hewlett, a fellow member of Dallas Songwriters Association – as is Troll – played next and thanked Voodoo Witness for opening for him, tongue in cheek. Then he played his West Texas farm sort of country. Diana Gale played next. Diana is a vocalist, voice instructor, and creative artist and coach. She also writes some pretty nice songs.

Harper O’Neil

Zane Cook is an interesting young songwriter who followed Gale. Harper O’Neil is cute as a button and has some very good introspective songs. Unfortunately, I had to leave and was not able to hear Corey Clark and Mike Newkirk.

Do yourself a favor and go to an open mic, any open mic – either to play or listen. There will almost always some excellent songwriters and some really good music.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.



Genaro Sendejas

Genaro Sendejas

The second week of the Reach for the Stars competition at Harbor Point on Friday began with Little Anthony introducing Deano Isaac, winner of week one. He sang a couple of Frank Sinatra songs, and a song that Elvis Presley covered. James Idley began the week’s competition with a few R&B tunes. My fellow judges were Lonny Schonfeld, Pete Cormican, and Gus Garza. [Read on if you would like to play as a fill-in or compete.]

Darby Martin played next. As he did when he played the week before when he came in second, he played an original song. For his third song, he put his guitar down and sang to a track. Isaac came back up and sang a couple more songs in a fill-in performance. Then Jack King – the Magic Guy with the Bow Tie – performed a few magic tricks, also as a fill-in performer.

The competition continued with Rachel Schriver, who also sang the week before. She seemed to have more

James Idley

James Idley

confidence this week and did well. She is also a veteran, for which she received applause and support. Genaro Sendejas followed with three good original songs, accompanying himself on guitar. David Marcus followed Sendejas. Marcus has a very good voice that is reminiscent of Frankie Valle and singers of that era.

LTD is a man and woman duo. I tried to get their names, but was told just to put LTD. They sang a couple of songs, including a Doobie Brothers tune, before she sang the last song alone. Cheryl McGuire came on next as a fill-in performer. She sang a few of the songs she sings at her nursing home shows.

David Marcus

David Marcus

A guy named Dan Roark closed the show with of few of his songs before the winners were announced. Genaro Sendejas came in first and will open the show next week. James Idley and David Marcus came in second and third, respectively.

Come join us at Harbor Point next Friday at 8 p.m. to hear Genaro and see what the evening brings. If you would like to play as a fill-in or compete, call Anthony at    214-660-4799 (no texts). Good food, reasonable drinks, and friendly staff. And a lot of good music. See more pictures on my FB music page.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.


Dennis Boykin

Dennis Boykin

Once Again Music in Forney had an open mic/jam new year’s eve celebration. Dennis Boykin, owner, usually has an open mic on Saturday, so this was just a special edition, shall we say.

Cyndy and I arrived a little after 8 p.m., which is when the party was supposed to start. I paid for both of us and signed us both in and received our raffle tickets. It was BYOB, so I needed to acknowledge the fact that we brought our own. As well as sign up on the open mic list.

I was rather looking forward to playing on new year’s eve. It has been many

Darren Rozell

Darren Rozell

years since Cyndy and I did anything for the evening except hang out with the sons that were home at the time. Our families hung out together on New Year’s Eve and we do the same. Cyndy and I went to a couple of NYE parties in high school – together and separate – that went rather badly. I will be posting about one of them soon. But this seemed like a good time to celebrate the occasion by going out and being with friends. And the open mic was a bonus.

Dennis started the show with a few rock and roll tunes. Then Zach Welch played about five country songs. Darren Rozell then played mostly his own songs, including I’m All Whiskeyed Up, Now. Then the Once Again Band played a few songs before Cortlynn Blankenbaker joined them on stage for a few numbers.

During the evening a taco bar, snacks, and desserts were available. Stacy Smith and friends prepared the food. Stacy’s is the only name I know. I met Stacy and Darren at the Poor David’s Pub open mic on Mondays, hosted by Mr. Troll. Come to think of it, I met Dennis Boykin at a PDP open mic.

dan-roark-aAnyway, people gathered around, ate food, and visited while listening to the performers. There was a station set up on the wall with Happy New Years decorations on the wall. On a bench sitting to the side were hats, glasses, and other props for people to wear in often humorous pictures. Since I was a visitor – as it were – I didn’t take any pictures of people posing for New Year’s pictures.

I played after the band. I played four of my songs, ending with the audience participation song, Supermarket Wreck of 75. The crowd really got into it, which always makes it more fun and it was perfect for the party. After my set, they played music over the system so line dancing could take place. After the line dancing, Curtis McCallum played a number of songs. Curtis has a good voice and sang them very well.

Cyndy and I left shortly after Curtis’ set. It was well after 11 o’clock and we wanted to get back across town before people who had more than they should to drink began to drive home. But it was a good party and kept going for a while.

And it doesn’t have to be over. You can hear the same people on most Saturdays at the open mic. Maybe Cyndy and I occasionally. You can find more pictures of the evening on Instagram and Facebook (feel free to like the page while you are there).

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

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