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A fleeting glimpse

Perhaps –

But not fleeting enough

that I could not realize

that I love you.

I just need

to ask you

one thing –

Where did you leave

the bananas?


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.





First of all, I wasn’t expecting it.

But then nobody ever does.

That’s what everyone tells me

when I tell them I didn’t expect something.

“Nobody ever does.”

But sometimes I do.

So there.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.



Good Morning


Little pieces of sunshine

Running through my body

as I lay there with you

in the early light of morning.


Your warm embrace

and the touch of your fingers

Made me want to call off the day

and stay with you forever.


But I couldn’t – I had to leave

if only for a while.

I looked back to see you lying

softly on the pillow mountain.


A smile crept across my face

feeling the heat from the rising sun,

when I walked out wanting to say

“Good morning!”


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.



Poem For You


You looked beautifully radiant

This morning,

When you said “Hello” and smiled,

brightening my otherwise boring day.


I wanted to tell you in a poem

For I can say more in less words

With no stumbling on the edge

of not knowing what to say.


So here is a poem just for you,

to let you in on a few of my thoughts,

Since thoughts are like magic,

and magic is what you make of it.


Take these thoughts,

make of them what you will,

or make nothing of them,



Simply leave them here

resting upon the page,

they are safe here

waiting to be read.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.



Brodie is looking at the camera. You can see Buddy’s ear and back in the foreground.

So Cyndy and I thought we would take the two dogs with us to our friend, Sally’s, in Colorado, near Colorado Springs. If you have been following my posts, Sally’s brother Sam passed away unexpectedly in April. I drove up, the next day we ran errands pertaining to Sam’s affairs, and drove back to Texas the day after.

Sally stayed with us a couple of weeks before we drove back to Colorado. I stayed for a couple of days before driving back home. Then Cyndy and I drove up to Sally’s for Cyndy’s work vacation.

And, as I said, we thought we would take the dogs. On the way up to Colorado, there were few people at the rest areas. Walking the two dogs was no problem. We were lucky that they weren’t barking at the animals on the side of the road. Neither dog really even looked out the window.

We arrived at Sally’s and got the dogs in the backyard without incident. Overall, they did better than we thought they would. The dogs next door were no problem, other than our dogs barking at them. But there is a gap in the fence in the back corner. The chain-link fence on the other side kept the dogs away from each other, but they could still see through. The problem was that Buddy and Brodie could not fit their heads through the hole at the same time. So they went after each other. With Cyndy in the middle. She managed to get the dogs apart, yet not without bruises, scraps, and a very sore finger.

Despite our best efforts, it happened again the next day. We had been making sure someone was at the house with the dogs at any given time. This time Cyndy was literally in the middle and came away with more bruises, scraps, and a scratch on her face.

On the drive back more people were traveling. The rest areas were crowded with often a number of dogs. Our dogs do not play well with others. Brodie and Buddy seemed to be more at ease on the trip back. With the exception of the biker that pulled in behind us in the Dairy Queen drive-through. We had to simply find a place to pull over with enough room to walk the dogs. They weren’t too difficult and we were back on the road.

After the lion’s share of the driving was done, we found a rest area with just a few cars and no animals that we could see. Cyndy and I each grabbed a leash. I got Brodie. Buddy came through the front seat and followed Cyndy out of the driver’s side. Brodie tried to follow them. I persuaded him to come out the passenger door and he shot out. We were parked on a curb and my foot missed the curb. I proceeded to fall and my head snapped against the concrete. I kept hold of Brodie and got up as quickly as I could with the pain growing in the back of my head. The dogs did their business, then we took turns doing ours, then back on the road.

The bump on the back of my head grew as fast as the pain. I was lamenting the fact that I left the head medicine in my backpack in the big ass box on the back of the van. It took a couple of hours, but the pain subsided. I kept talking and thinking clearly which would make it appear that I got through without much damage to my head – other than a sizeable lump, a healing wound, and the feeling that my teeth had been seriously rattled.

I had, however, acquired a shooting pain just back of the middle finger on my right hand anytime I did anything with that hand. My award for hanging onto Brodie’s leash. Although I have to admit that if the pain subsides and there is no lasting damage, it is not too high a price to pay to not have to chase Brodie down the side of the freaking highway. It’s fortunate I wasn’t playing shows. I’m just now able to type or play guitar without pain.

When we head back to Colorado the end of the month, we’re going to have someone take care of the dogs. They’re both rescue dogs so they each have their issues. We’ll give training another shot. But for now, they’re staying home.

But the kicker is, I had thought ahead after all. When we arrived home, it occurred to me that I had put the head medicine in the snack tub. It was three feet away from me the whole time while my head throbbed!


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you. 




One Night


One night

I finally met – really met

an old friend.


One night

I listened – and learned

from listening.


One night

I realized – there is more to life

than myself.


One night

I slept well – having a new old friend,

One night.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.





Transcending forests,

hovering above trees,

Romantic concepts,

Bringing men to their knees.


It is a hint of lonliness

with a dash of hope,

There is always promise

Where there is water and soap.


It is possible to trip

on a man’s heartstrings,

reach into his mind,

and repossess the memories

or help the mess unwind.


It could very well be a blessing,

or hinge upon a curse,

If he chooses to depend on miracles,

or simply expects the worse.


It comes to the magic of the moment

and how the magic is spent,

Between the meaning as it has been received,

and the meaning as it is meant.


Confusion enters the arena,

Yet joy wins out over all:

When everyone just goes for joy

decreasing the chances of a fall.


And when you see the magic

of the moment,

You realize you have it all.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.






Pigeons on rooftops

contrast with masonry,

mixed colors under sun.


Paper cup person

in a cut crystal world,

The jester becomes a hero

but fails to get the girl.


People swimming in the pool

atop the Hilton,

Under six foot neon letters –

they have come together

from different places

at the same time

for different reasons.


They watch the jester

walk along the rooftops

among the pigeons

– they are friends –


The clouds in the background

float slowly

out of the picture

while the jester

and the pigeons

watch the people

watching back.


The jester is jealous,

the pigeons are not,

but some of the people

are jealous, too.


Contrasts with masonry

mixed colors under sun


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.






Broken parts

of watches and clocks –

Mirror images.


Lost in love,

Broken hearts,

people, places, things –





translucent moments –



Standing still,

Still moving,

sudden familiarity –

Deja Vu.


In the beginning,

In the end,

in the meantime –



Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.



To Be An Aardvark


I used to wish

I was an aardvark –

But I don’t like ants



Maybe ants taste good

to an aardvark –

Maybe ants are steak

to an aardvark.


Maybe it wouldn’t be

so bad after all,

to be an aardvark –

I like steak.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

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