[Re-posted from former blog.] I received the Word Of Promise The Gift of Psalms from Thomas Nelson Publishers yesterday. Since I am in the midst of several projects, I skimmed through the book, then popped the first cd into the computer – planning to read/hear one psalm and devotional and put the book aside for the moment. I found I could neither put the book down nor turn the cd(s) off. I previously thought having celebrities read the Bible would cause the listener to be distracted from the biblical message. Pleasantly, I was mistaken. Although it did distract me a little, the voices of the well-chosen celebrities enhanced the reading of the Psalms – as did the use of the King James version.

The devotionals by Lori Jones are a mixture of exegesis and devotional – as opposed to the common types of devotional. However, readers and listeners who prefer the more common devotional styles will not be disappointed with the mixture. The exegesis adds a contextual view of the scriptures and their application in the world today.

The Gift of Psalms provides an inspirational way to start the day or to take a spiritual break from a hectic schedule. The WOP New Testament Audio Bible is also available.

Peace be with you.

I was given this book by Thomas Nelson for reviewing purposes. I was not required to write a positive review, nor did I receive any compensation other than the book itself.