Have you ever wondered while watching NCIS, The Closer, or any of the CSI shows, whether actual investigative units can really do some of the things they do on TV?

Duane Boy will answer that question during his presentation at the King Of Glory Lutheran Church as part of their GUSTO! series of events. Boy will speak at 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning, April 10. (Normally held on the second Monday of each month, the meeting will be held on Tuesday due to the Easter weekend.) Boy, a retired DPD police detective, will walk the audience through the process of investigation, from conducting the initial interviews to presenting the case to the district attorney.

Boy, a long-time member of King of Glory, spent 33 years with the Dallas Police Department, retiring in 2011. During that time he handled such diverse cases as the 1991 Asian restaurant robberies, the SMU water-hazing case, and the gang arrest that cleared up 71 home invasion robberies, three kidnappings and the attempted murder of a police officer—not to mention the recovery of Elvis Presley’s motorcycle jacket, which had been stolen from Graceland.His investigation and arrest of a huge-scale counterfeit-music group earned him a Gold Record from the Recording Industry Association of America.

Boy is a South Dakota native, Vietnam veteran, and graduate of Oklahoma State University with a degree in entomology. He worked as a marine biologist at Texas Instruments until 1977, when he was sidelined with a broken neck. Interestingly, that led to his joining the Dallas Police Department a year later. He served as a patrol officer and undercover operator until 1988, when he became an investigator. He worked property crimes for a few years before moving to robbery cases.

Boy will touch on such steps as processing the crime scene, collecting evidence, developing and interviewing suspects, and compiling the case for prosecution. He’ll also cover what you can do to help an investigation if you are a victim and what you can do to lessen your chances of becoming a victim.

Come at 9:45 a.m. for coffee and conversation, and join us for a reception following the  presentation. The GUSTO! program was created to provide interesting and enlightening experiences for the mature adult community, but all are welcome.

Peace be with you.