This morning I did what a father does best on Thanksgiving – stay out of the kitchen. Not because I cannot cook, because I can. But Cyndy cooks Thanksgiving dinner like her mother did. Exactly like her mother did. Which means everyone else stays out of the kitchen. If you want something to eat, you have to wait until Cyndy is sitting down waiting for something to cook.

The two of the three boys that are still at home wanted to help as they do each year. Fortunately, they have learned to wait until she calls them to perform their Thanksgiving duty. Video games have helped that situation. Cyndy knows that I’m available if she needs me – henceforth my job is to stay out of the kitchen.

The situation was enhanced this year because Cyndy fixed the entire dinner, with the exception of the rolls, because my mother is no longer able to cook as she used to. Mom did set the table and bake the rolls. My daughter, Jennifer, her husband, Chris, and daughter, Kelley, were at Chris’ parents and unable to join us. Even so, we had an enjoyable dinner and conversation.

Cameron, the middle son, helped collect the dinner plates and some of the silverware. Conner and J.D. helped themselves get to the den to watch football. They were watching the games with their grandfather and enjoying the time with him. Mom, Cyndy, and I continued the dinner talk about family at the dining table.

After a while, Conner left to get in line for a sale at Best Buy. I cleared the table of the remaining dishes and silverware while the three of us talked. Then Cyndy and Mom talked in the kitchen while Cyndy rinsed off the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I went back and forth from football talk to kitchen talk. Then the second quarter of the Dallas Cowboys’ game was nearing an end and the Cowboys were behind.

So we packed up the leftovers and headed home. After putting most of the food up, we turned on the tv for the other family tradition – watching the Punkin Chunkin Championships.  We picked up on it a few years ago when we were avoiding the onslaught of early Christmas movies. Which was when it became a tradition.

I hope everyone else had a happy Thanksgiving as well.

Peace be with you.