Dan in Studio The ice almost gone here in Dallas. Of course people still drive like there is ice on the road. And others are too busy talking on their cell phone to be bothered with other drivers and those pesky pedestrians. Does it sound like I’ve been holed up with teenagers for several days? With Conner – who lives by himself – calling at night to complain about the people who did not tip after he had slid from curb to curb at times to get there. And he had a point – when you order delivery in inclement weather, you need to keep in mind that you’re making the driver do what you don’t want to. And show appreciation.

All that is to say that not having to go into work is not much comfort to someone who works at home, which applies to both Cyndy and myself. Add to that a cold, and that I had to postpone a recording session on Saturday, and let’s just say I’m glad this patch of bad weather is behind us. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for folks in the northeast. The weather we had was light in comparison to what they’re experiencing now.

Be that as it may, the recording resumes tomorrow. When we were in the studio theConner - Studio last time, I played the acoustic songs on guitar without vocals. Which was not what I previously had in mind. But my Alvarez acoustic doesn’t have a pickup and sound would bleed between the two mics.

Playing without singing is harder than one would imagine. Particularly when that’s the way you’ve been playing for years. At first I tried to hear the song in my head, but that did not work. So I had to mouth the words while playing – which led to some vocal bleed over into the guitar track when I actually made sounds instead of merely mouthing the words. But it can be fixed in the mixing process.

Band in Studio And when the band arrived at 2 p.m. and Steve began setting up the drums, we discovered that the studio drum kit lacked a snare drum. We had to wait for Cameron to go to Guitar Center and buy one. When we finally got to recording, things went back to running smoothly and we got the songs recorded.

Tomorrow I will add guitar and vocal parts, as well as other instruments. Hopefully, everything will go well. I’d be interested to hear how others have handled recording snafus. I’ve never been in the studio when there was not a problem of some sort.

Peace be with you.Studio