12265942_1130941813597375_3354839115745609285_oI attended Colby and Janet’s wedding this past Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at Sweet Basil Restaurant at Midway and Trinity Mills. Colby plays bass with me and I went to high school with Janet. If you have never been to a musician’s wedding, it is an interesting experience (not odd, just interesting). Particularly, at an Italian Restaurant. The ceremony, of course, did not begin at 5:30, but no one really expected it to.

While we waited, we mingled. Most of the conversation – other than the usual small talk in a room where not everyone knows everyone else – centered around our latest projects and recent and upcoming gigs. Then there was the musical small talk. I’ve never looked at a wedding as a networking opportunity, but in this instance, it came about naturally.

When the ceremony was about to begin, Colby and the groomsmen, along with Jimmy Wallace – who was 12027192_1130941793597377_1622934888352586682_o presiding over the wedding – stood at the “front” of the room. Janet’s bridesmaids – her sisters, Lisa and Dawn (who was in my class in high school), walked up the aisle separately. Then Janet walked up the aisle.

In the wedding picture is, from left to right: Rockin’ Robert T. Tomberlin, Jim Webb, Jimmy Wallace, Colby Morgan, Janet, Lisa, and Dawn Gordon. Jimmy did a fine job of presiding over the ceremony. The verses were both fitting and appropriate, as were the few jokes, and spontaneous comments from the audience. It certainly qualified as a beautiful wedding.

J.W. Hammett, Janet, and Colby Morgan. I took this with J.W.'s camera.

J.W. Hammett, Janet, and Colby Morgan. I took this with J.W.’s camera.

Most of the people stayed for dinner. Jimmy had to leave to do something before the Stratoblasters show at Tolbert’s Restaurant in Grapevine that night. One of the waiters seemed to get confused, so it took a bit longer to get served the entree after the salad or soup. The food, however, was very good.

I ate some of the dinner and then asked for a container and my dessert to go. I needed to deliver my granddaughter, Kelley’s, birthday present. From the amount of to go containers being passed out, I would shortly be followed by others. I gave my congratulations (again), my hugs, and good-byes, and headed out. Of course it was raining again when I stepped outside.

But the rain couldn’t dampen the occasion. It was a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends – old and new – to celebrate a coming together of two souls in love. Congratulations Colby and Janet!

Peace be with you.