1 Last Chance 1There were two featured artists at the Poor David’s Pub open mic on Monday night, January 11, hosted by Mr. Troll. Actually more like a featured artist and special guest. 1 Last Chance was the featured artist. The band, from Oxford, Mississippi, consists of Brandon McDaniel on lead guitar, Jacob Hampton on guitar, and Johnathan Ray on drums.

They call themselves a combination of punk, alternative, and progressive, rock. I detected a smattering of grunge as well. With Ray’s driving force on drums and Brandon’s rythmnic control on guitar, it was easy to forget there was no bass player. From one high intensity song to1 Last Chance 2 another, the intensity did not waiver throughout the set.

They played all three songs from their EP, This Nowhere – A Perfect Machine, Changes, and Devin. The EP was released in July of 2015. They ended the set with a punk version of (I’m not your) Steppin’ Stone that Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees would call “interesting.” 1 Last Chance is headed to Norman, Oklahoma, Amarillo, and Fort Stockton, Texas before heading back toward Mississippi. They are scouting potential studios for their next recording sessions while they are on the road.

Ghoulies 1The “special guest” was sound man Carlos Sanchez and the Ghoulies. They are a six piece band. I don’t have any names, other than Carlos. Hopefully, Troll will post in the comments with their names. They covered Eric Clapton and Texas Tornadoes, and did them well. At the end of the open mic, a few members of the Ghoulies joined Scott Thornton and Tin Man Travis for an all out jam.

Peace be with you.