Dan RoarkEvery now and then someone at an open mic tells me after my set that they think I sound like someone. It happens at other times, but it’s also unique to open mics because open mics tend to be held in the spirit of a mutual admiration society. The  comments, however, are usually sincere. Having people come just to listen and to hear it from them is a bonus.

An example of one of the other times was the church talent show on Sunday night. One of the youth said I reminded him of Jerry Jeff Walker. Another man said Arlo Guthrie. One guy said Judy Collins, but he was only talking about the folk scene in general. He had seen her perform in a folk club in Oklahoma in the ‘60s.

At Mr. Troll’s Poor David’s Pub Open Mic, someone said I sounded like John Prine. Which was nice because he is one of my mentors. But on another occasion a listener said I reminded him of Elvis Costello. Okay. If you take all of those mentioned here and put them on a page in Highlights Magazine -“ which does not belong” – Elvis Costello would pretty much stand out like a sore thumb. I regret not taking the time to ask him what song of mine brought Costello to mind. I like Elvis but I don’t know how I sound like him.

Who have people said you sounded like? I’m actually interested, so please comment.

Peace be with you.