Emily Chambers and Brendon Krieg

Emily Chambers and Brendon Krieg

On Monday, October 10th, at the Poor David’s Pub open mic hosted by Mr. Troll, we were treated to a dose of Canadian soul. Emily Chambers is a sultry voiced singer from Vancouver. Brendon Krieg, who is playing guitar for Emily on the tour, is also from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Ordinarily, he plays drums in the full band.

Her website says she “combines an old school Motown vibe with hints of hip hop and a little bit of Southern grit.” That hits it pretty close. She is also charming, amiable, and a bubbling personality on stage. With a voice that will lull you into a musical trance, then slap you in the face with sudden vocal intensity, before grooving through the end of the song.

Which is just another example of what you’re missing by not going to an open mic. But check out Emily’s website, listen to some songs, and buy the EP, Magnolia. Then watch for her tour news and let’s hope she comes back through Dallas next year.

I played my set just after Emily . As she was coming off the stage, I said, “sounded good!”

“Cheers,” she said.

Which is something we don’t hear a lot of in Texas. But it’s refreshing in a way. It’s always nice to share the stage with someone from another country and share music across borders.

Cheers. Peace be with you.