I used to actually think of resolutions – or a resolution, let’s be real. All of the ideas were aimed at ostensibly improving my life in some way. Quit this, quit that, don’t do that anymore, do that more, on and on. But they would have been minor victories – had I actually gone through with them past, say, a week and a half. So I quit bothering all together. I still think of ideas, they just float off into the trash bin.

I still miss doing it though. After the cornbread and black-eyed peas, it just seems like there is something else I need to do. Situations being what they are these days, this year seemed like the right time to come up with a resolution that I can live with and follow through on.

This year, starting today, I’m going to play as much music for as many people as possible. I’m also going to support as many other songwriters and musicians as I possibly can. I’m going to do my best to show people through my actions and my music that we can have fun, get along, and be kind to one another all at the same time. Differences in opinion are to be respected and kept out of the everyday fabric. I can like you and enjoy your company and respect your opinions even if they differ from mine. I don’t need to even know what they are, unless I somehow encroach upon them, but chances are slim of that happening. Let’s just make some music.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.