Kent and Glenna Skinner

Cyndy and I had the pleasure of seeing Shawn Phillips at Poor David’s Pub on Sunday, March 19. It was one of over thirty shows for PDP’s fortieth anniversary in 45 days, or close to that.

I saw Shawn Phillips every time he came through town with his band in the 7os and 80s. I saw him solo at the Greenville Avenue PDP location. And I looked forward to seeing him again.

Shawn Phillips

Kent and Glenna Skinner – the perennial opening act for Phillips, according to David Card – did, indeed, open the show. Kent began by himself, switching from acoustic 12-string to electric 12-string. Then Glenna joined him for the last few songs. They ended with a song in which the two characters of the song argue. She argues with the verses, he argues with instrumental guitar – interesting song.

After a short intermission, David Card introduced Shawn Phillips. My favorite song of his is Blunt and Frank. I was pretty sure he would play it, but I didn’t expect him to play it in the first three songs. Which he did.

Then he proceeded to play songs from throughout his forty+ year career. He also played songs from his forthcoming CD. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any of the new CDs with him. There was one song – I don’t remember the name – which he said was a band song. Using looping, he set up the song playing guitar, then bass. Once he had the back up parts, he grabbed another guitar and proceeded to play and sing the song. It was a great show. Check his website for the release of his new CD, Continuance.

Cyndy and I had to leave before he finished – it was a Sunday night after all. Shawn is a hell of a songwriter, and Poor David’s is the best place to see a songwriter.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.