Other colors available include red, green, purple, and rainbow.

I know, I know – with all the choices already available, what has not been done that could make a new mattress topper and pillow stand out? I’m here to explain that to you.

Both the mattress topper and pillow will be tie-dyed with your favorite color. As with other such products, both will conform to your body. The Tie-Dye mattress topper and pillow both have a heating and cooling system (patent pending). The control allows you to set the temperature. Depending on the headache and your body system, you can have the pillow on warm for your headache and cool for the rest of your body – or vice versa for body aches.

But wait, there’s more! The pillow has a music player pre-programmed for different moods. If you’re having trouble sleeping, it can softly play the drum solo from In a Gadda da Vida over and over. It can also play My Love Does It Good over and over, but be careful when you choose this option. If you choose it when you have a headache, it could increase the pain. Other songs for sleep available include songs by Dan Fogelberg and the Moody Blues.

You can also pick the song from the options for you to wake up to. Born to be Wild, Mississippi Queen, We Will Rock You, and the theme song for Shaft are among the available options. With an upgrade you can add your own tunes.

For an additional fee, you can get our proprietary patent pending feature known as the Wave. It slowly moves from side to side gently recalling the not so gentle waves of a waterbed. With a small upgrade, we include a color co-ordinated lava lamp whose movement will match the movement of the Wave.

Get the mattress topper and pillow that will take you back to the days of air hockey, foosball, head shops, and 8 ball pool. Watch reruns of the Mod Squad and bam! You find yourself agreeing with someone, raising up your fist and saying, “solid!”

Order today and get the special price of $199.99 or four equal payments of $52.

Do not delay – order today!!!


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.