With gathering places still closed, I came across this poem I wrote about being at the library.

At The Library


At the library –

– I see a different side of life –

Polite people whispering

Diligently reading.

I scrape a chair

And say “Excuse me,”

To all the readers staring.


At the library –

– I sit at a table –

Watch a girl sleeping.

Her mother writing

A paper she was asked

to write for night school,

While her young daughter waits.


At the library –

– I watch the librarian –

Walking briskly,

A student is following.

She tries to show him

where the biographies

on Shakespeare and Milton

are located in the stacks.


At the library –

People reading,



doing research,


and learning.

At the library.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.