Mr. Dramatic and Modern Day Man


Who knows what is in store

for the modern day man.

Who strives to be normal

without knowing what that means.


What will come back to

the one who is poor from helping?

What hand will lay upon

his shoulder when his cries?


When will the peace come

of any kind at all?

When Mr. Dramatic makes an exit,

without a dramatic fall.


Where will the feeling start,

the beginning of great relief,

Where will the feeling end

with shaking of firm belief?


Why are those who do not know

the first to criticize?

Why does the collective voice of humanity

sound like a baby’s cries?


How? Is the biggest question

and the hardest one to answer.

How can you see the soul of the dance

without understanding the dancer.



Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.