The Jester and The Lady


Scared is a reason,

Paranoid a curse,

The two souls surviving,

jester and lady,

Through verse.


The jester is still hiding

What the lady has seen,

And cries in the darkness

At the mess as it’s been.


Line of confusion, illusion,

Harpsichord melody,

The reflection of the essence

of the things that should be.


The lines which evolve

from the songwriter’s pen,

are requested by the lady

again, yes, and again.


It is her own way of drifting,

as his is to write,

Echoes of laughter

Escort the dawn into light.


The lady’s words

put the truth where it stands,

While the moment is tossed

just to see where it lands.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.