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Samantha as we sang to her.

Samantha as we sang to her.

On Monday, December 12th, the Poor David’s Pub open mic, hosted by Mr. Troll, was a celebration of Samantha Sanders’, birthday. Samantha Sanders is the bar manager at PDP, a hairdresser, a mother of three talented baseball playing boys, and an all around beautiful person.

Keith Crow started the show. He had to leave early, so Troll let him start. Troll followed Keith with Billy Keith Bucher joining him on cajon.  When Troll and Billy Keith finished, I took the stage – with a box rather than a guitar.

I asked Carlos to come up to the stage. While he was coming to the stage, I announced that Carlos was the 2016 Best Sound Man of the Year Award. When he reached the stage, I announced that, as showcase director for the Dallas Songwriters Association, I was presenting Carlos with the 2017 Best Sound Man of the Year award.carlos-sanchez-and-dan-roark

I was not trying to take away from Samantha’s celebration by giving Carlos the trophy. I was guest hosting when it was Carlos’ birthday celebration and I wanted Troll to be there when I gave Carlos the award. And, as in Carlos’ case, it wasn’t the actual birthday.

After the presentation and the two of us leaving the stage, David Card and Mr. Troll took our place. David expounded for a bit about Samantha’s talents as a bar manager and her charms as a person. Which we all echoed with shouts of agreement and applause. Then David and Troll led us all in singing Happy Birthday.

Poor David Card and Mr. Troll

Poor David Card and Mr. Troll

Then it was back to the open mic with the featured artist, Eric Sommer. Sommer is originally from Boston and now pretty much from the road. He has an old style blues guitar setup – from the amps to the acoustic guitars to the telecasters to the Shure iconic unidyne vocal mic. Eric reminds one of the blues players who came before him. Mixed, however, with a punk, salty, edge.

Sometimes being late to post works out right. Today is Samantha’s actual birthday. Go to her Facebook page and say Happy Birthday!

And the music plays on….

Peace be with you.

The Religion Communicators Council (RCC) National Convention was held this past Thursday through Saturday in Philadelphia at the Philadelphia Airport Marriot. While there was a showing of the movie, Waging Peace: Muslim and Christian Alternatives, on Wednesday evening for those who arrived early, the convention did not officially begin until the opening plenary at 1:30 on Thursday afternoon on “The In[ter]dependence of Faith and Government.” After the panel discussion, the attendees had a choice of four workshops.

My plane was scheduled to arrive at 1:20, so I knew I would be at least a few minutes late to the plenary. The hotel and the airport were connected by a skybridge just one terminal away from my arrival terminal, which helped, but it was still after 1:30 when I walked down the stairs to the lobby of the hotel. I will get back to the plenary and other convention activities in following posts.

The main event of the day was the DeRose-Hinkhouse Awards Dinner at 6:30 p.m. I am a member of RCC as a writer and representative of Christ UMC (Farmers Branch, Tx) and the communications committee. The church entered an article I had written for the church newspaper, and I entered this blog in the new Social Media category of the awards. When I was  informed that I won, I did not know which of the two was the winning entry. However, since I was winner, the church funded my trip to the convention.

As it turned out, I won a Certificate of Merit for Chasing After Wind. The .pdf of the awards program may be found here. Social Media is a new category, so it is at the end if you  happen to be looking for my award. In the picture you can see the slide they showed when they announced my award. The other picture is of the attendees from the DFW Chapter of the RCC. From left to right: Cherrie Graham (United Methodist Reporter), Debbie Tull (Patheos), myself, and Deb Christian (also UMR). Mary Jacobs, UMR reporter, was preparing for a writing workshop she was leading and was not available for the picture. Debbie and I both needed to catch our flights home.

The judging for the DeRose-Hinkhouse awards was done by “colleagues at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.” All of the entrants received the judges’ evaluation forms after the awards program. Entrants not at the convention received their evaluations by mail.

Be that as it may, the judges had some suggestions for improving the blog. Ironically, my room was in a black hole of the hotel and I could not even boot up my computer – much less access my blog. So there will be changes to Chasing After Wind over the next week or so. Hopefully, the changes will make for a more pleasing visit to the blog, easier to comment, like, follow, and so forth, and there will be more interactive qualities.

Feel free to let me know of any suggestions or comments you may have pertaining to my blog. I try to respond to comments and visitors as soon as possible.

Peace be with you.

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