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Dan at session with headphones With only one session on Saturday morning, Cameron dropped me off at Music City Center and went to pick up a few things for the drive later that afternoon. I covered the booths at Summer NAMM I hadn’t been able to visit earlier. At 11 a.m., I went to one of the two booths where they held sessions throughout the event. The session was at the Idea Center Booth and was entitled DIY – Marketing for Musicians.

The two session booths had wireless headphones on each chair and the presenters had earphones and wireless mics. If you wanted to ask a question you had to flag down the person with the microphone. There were sound barrier sheets on each side of the “booth” to keep out the sounds of the exhibit hall as much as possible. There were times when the headphones or the mics would cut out, but that’s to be expected with speakers holding the wireless mics wrong, and a building full of electronic and wireless equipment and computers.

Half way through the session, I realized I probably wouldn’t learn anything new. The speaker was keeping to basic information. I’ve been to enough sessions on the subject that I should have a t-shirt. I became bored so I took the picture of myself with the headphones. But the information was new to some of the attendees, because they were taking notes like crazy. Which makes it worth it for them. And the information was not wrong, it was just the basics.

I took off my headphones and met Cameron. We went out on the terrace, got something to eat, and watched the band that was playing. Then we walked down and got in line for the American Eagle Awards of the National Music Council. This year Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill, and the Grand Ole Opry were honored. I was looking forward to seeing them. We were finally let into the hall (after the VIPs had a chance to eat and meet and great).

When I read the program, I saw that Roy Clark and John Conlee were going to perform. Nice bonus! I don’t remember what Emmylou Harris sang, but Vince Gill sang a song about Merle Haggard’s passing that was great. Roy Clark sang “What a Wonderful World,” while a friend played the keyboard. John Conlee, of course, pulled out the rose-colored glasses and sang “Rose-Colored Glasses – as only he can do. (Check out my pictures on Instagram).

Then it was over, and we were on the way to Memphis. We checked in at the hotel, and headed for Beale Street. In the place we went for barbeque, there was a band playing. Within three songs of us sitting down, the band did Rose-Colored Glasses – just saying. Back to the hotel with a to go box. In the morning we packed, checked out, and headed for Dallas.

Peace be with you.

Micaela White, daughter of Danny White, who graduated with my younger brother, Dennis, and granddaughter of Don and Jan White, who attend my church, Christ UMC, Farmers Branch, is fighting leukemia at age 18. Micaela has been at Children’s Hospital since Christmas and is currently in ICU. This Saturday, March 26th, Danny will be cooking barbeque at Rosemeade Market   from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to raise money for Micaela’s medical expenses. Danny has vowed to cook as much barbeque as he can.

There is an invite on Facebook at the wtwhite.org  group page  where you can RSVP. It will help them to have enough barbeque. If you graduated from W. T. White, particularly during the ‘70’s, come to have barbeque, catch up with people from high school, and help Micaela. If you cannot come out but want to help, donations can be made at any Bank of America location. The account number is 488031763938 and the routing number is 111000025.

Micaela also needs blood and blood products donated to Carter Bloodcare  in her name to support an upcoming bone marrow transplant. Her account information is: Micaela White #050332 Children’s Medical Center Building D Dallas, Texas. Prayers are also needed. The picture of Micaela is from a WFAA news story which has more information on her situation.

Peace be with you.

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