Little Anthony and Deano Molina, 1st Week's Winner

Little Anthony and Deano Molina, 1st Week’s Winner

After twenty years, Little Anthony is holding his Talent Revue at least one more time. People are even entering the competition who competed back in the 90’s. The competition will be held every Friday beginning at 8 p.m. at Harbor Point Club and Grill in Richardson. There will be twelve weeks of competition, six weeks of semi-finals, and a one night grand finale. Winner receives $500.

The first week’s winner was Deano Molina. Second and third place belonged to Darby Martin, and Marty Nell, respectively. The judges were Pete Cormican, Lonny Schonfeld, and myself. Rachel Schriver and Noel Rodriguez also performed. William Mike Morrow took pictures, as did I. Tomas Pineda, Jr. videotaped the show for replay on CI-TV. I played a short set to end the show.

There was a good crowd and everyone had a good time. Darby Martin played guitar and included an original song. The others sang to songs/tracks on thumb drive or cd. That gives you the options if you would like to perform. Call Anthony at 214-660-4799 to get booked for the contest. Calls only, no texts. Check my music Facebook page for more of my pictures of the evening.

Even if you’re not performing, come on out and listen to the music. Food is good, drinks are reasonable, and staff is friendly.

Peace be with you.