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A couple who are friends of mine had their house burn down recently. As a result, I have been flashing back to when our house burned the Friday before I began my senior year in high school on Monday.

The firemen saved a lot of things, but my room was a pile of ashes in the back yard. I came home from a night of drinking the coldest beer I’ve ever had. Ice formed in the mug of beer. When Brian and I got to my street, we couldn’t get to the house. We had to park a block over.

Mom and my brother, Dennis, stood in the yard across the street with our dog, Lady. I joined them and watched as flames tore through what had previously been my bedroom. Someone behind me asked out loud if “anyone had marshmallows.” I went ballistic and let them know what an asinine thing it was to say.

I got more clothes and things to replace things that were in my room. But there are things you cannot simply replace. To this day, I sometimes think of things as if I still have them and realize they burned in the fire.

And that was bad. I was chastised on Monday because I didn’t have a pencil. In the apartment we rented while the house was rebuilt, I heard Imagine, which was still on the charts. I heard the line, “imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can.” I suddenly realized I could.

But I got more possessions, and added to them over the years. As bad as it was, I can’t imagine it happening today. But wait, not quite true. Mike and Cindy Freiley lost everything recently. To lose everything I have now would be devastating. I would get through it. I’ve done it before. But it hurts.

If you would like to help Mike and Cindy, here is the gofundme link.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.






Shaun Outen, Darren Rozell, Alayna Mitchakes, Rob Case, Dan Roark, Mike Freiley

Shaun Outen and I had a good show last Tuesday at Love and War in Texas, Plano. We changed the starting time to 7 p.m. As usual the show was broadcast on TexasSelectRadio.com.

I started the show and played songs from my upcoming EP, Hello Out There. Mike Freiley took the stage after me. He played a set that included one of my favorite songs of his, Dog Left in

Mike Freiley

the Rain. He told the story behind the song when he played at my Songwriters for Autism benefit last year. The short version is he saw a dog that was hiding under parked cars in the rain as he was leaving an event.

Darren Rozell followed Freiley and played his original country songs. Which included It’s Complicated among others. Rob Case, with Alayna Mitchakes, performed next and wrapped up the show. They performed songs from Case’s cd, Last Call in Texas. Love and War was having the floors done and closed at 10 p.m., so we had to end at 9:30.

As always, follow the links and hear their music for yourself. More pictures can be found on my Facebook music page.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

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