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Where was God when disaster struck?

God was with the baby who survived
because her window
was the only one in the house
that did not implode.

God was there to comfort
the woman who lost everything
she owned, and most
of her family.

God was with the family
who stuck together
during the tragedy
and survived – together.

God was with the family members
who were separated
before the disaster,
but found each other safe.

God was with the people
who – despite injury and loss –
helped others who could not
assist themselves.

God was there with the families
of the victims
helping them to deal with
the question of why?

God was there with the family
of those who may have caused
the disaster and who are
struggling to understand.

God was there with grace
to pour upon those affected
and help them to carry on
despite unexpected change.

God was there.

Chocolate Chips
Ritz Crackers
Girl Scout cookies
ice cream sundaes
pizza, pretzels,
caramel squares.

Things that we liked
when we were growing up
that we still like now,
but – somehow –
they just aren’t exactly
the same.

Questions Asked – Poem

Questions asked
may not be answered
when the purpose of the question
is misunderstood.

Questions asked
may not be answered
when the speaker speaks
without thinking.

Questions asked
may not be answered
when the question is not
really a question at all.

Questions asked
may not be answered.

Questions asked.

Athletes are told
that when they play
they should “stay within themselves.”

May I ask,
because I’d like to know
how do you “stay without yourself”?

When someone becomes known
after doing something for years,
they have been “under the radar.”

Now that they
are shown on the news
are they “over the radar”?

Just asking.

In Flight – Poem

Wings in flight,
imminent darkness
if the sandman
does not fail.

Troubles left on ground
will return upon landing
but are temporarily
in cloud limbo
(no, not that cloud).

Turbulence temporarily tosses me
around the bathroom
while the sign flashes
“Return to cabin.”
(I’m trying, I’m trying!)

Constant turbulence
makes the kidneys
and the nerves jumpy,
but the landing is uneventful.

Love thy neighbor as thyself
is not only one
of the Ten Commandments,
it is actually a good idea
I am glad God thought of it,
Because I am afraid
we would not have
-on our own-
Thanks be to God.


Spending the day
in a son’s apartment
waiting for repairmen.
Bringing questions
with no answers;
does it really matter?
Probably not – ultimately,
but somehow it doesn’t feel right.
Good night.

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