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Darren Rozell

Darren Rozell

Last Friday, the 27th of January, was the fourth week of Little Anthony’s Reach for the Stars Talent Review competition at Harbor Point Club and Grill in Richardson. Regular judges, Lonny Schofeld, Pete Cormican, and Dan Roark were in attendance. Tin Man Travis, winner of week three, opened the show. Deano Isaacs, winner of week one, followed.

Contestants for the evening were Barry Healey, Darren Rozell, Jordan “Copperhead Taylor” Bearden, Linda Stone, and Sonya Wade. Fill-in performers were Joey Alcatraz and Tomas Pineda, Jr. with Dan Roark closing the show.

Darren Rozell won and will open the show this Friday. “Copperhead Taylor”came in second, with Sonya Wade coming in third. Darren performed original songs, as did the first place winners of three of the four weeks. After the winners were announced, Tin Man played a couple more songs with Brad Blackwood on harmonica.

The show this week promises to be as good as the previous weeks. Come join us, eat some good food and hear

"Copperhead Taylor"

“Copperhead Taylor”

some great music. The staff is friendly and there are shuffleboard and pool tables.

If you want to compete, call Anthony at 214-660-4799. There might be a couple of spots left.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.


Me playing at Poor David's Pub open mic

Me playing at Poor David’s Pub open mic

To recap (or see part 1), the first two qualities of an open mic that feels like a second home are – variety of performers (age, talent, and experience), and performers who lack egos and are willing to support those less experienced than themselves. It should be mentioned, however, that there will always be that visiting performer who thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips and wonders why everyone’s not telling him how good he played.

While I’m using the Poor David’s Pub open mic as an example, there are a number of open mics that have these qualities in varying degrees. The Dallas Songwriters Association (DSA) open mics and song swaps are welcoming and supportive. I’m hoping other open mic hosts will chime in with comments on their open mic. I’ve also tried to show that open mics have a hard time getting started. It takes the performing community to support it. Some members of DSA and their friends play at open mics several nights a week.

In fact, the third quality of an open mic that feels like a second home is a sense of community – like a weekly reunion as I mentioned in part one. An atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. The fourth quality is friendly hosts, bartenders, and staff. Mr. Troll (host), Samantha Sanders, and Kevin Hale at PDP are excellent examples. The fifth quality – last, but no way in hell least – is a good sound man. Carlos Sanchez, in particular, is past good.

So there are the basic qualities of an open mic that feels like a second home. Yet for the first quality, variety of performers, something is missing. And that is you. Go to an open mic near you, or near where you are going to be. Sing your songs, sing covers, read your poems, do comedy, spoken word, whatever. Or just go and listen – performers need listeners, too.

Then spread the word. Open mics are places where young talent hones their performing and writing skills. They learn, not only from playing, but from watching more seasoned performers. Open mics are where songwriters go to try out new songs. When word gets out, people come to perform and bring their friends. People come to listen because of the combination of qualities I discussed. So play an open mic tonight or go and listen. Maybe I’ll see you there.

Peace be with you.


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