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You were not happy when you didn’t have shows booked for Friday and Saturday. But you thought it was a good thing when you came down with a cold because the weather was changing. You feel better Monday and feel like you can play. Whether it’s a gig or an open mic, you’re ready to get out and play. You order a glass of water with your beer – because you usually do and, well, you’re not stupid.

Then you get called to play before you’re ready. In the middle of your routine, as it were. You take your water with you. You tuned your guitar as soon as you knew you’d be playing. But it’s outside on the patio and you’re praying it stays in tune – which it usually does. But you keep checking to make sure.

You start the first song and your voice sounds better than you thought it would. Then about the third line you realize that moisture is escaping from your mouth in rapid fashion. Just before you hit the chorus, you feel a frog crawling up your throat. Well, not quite a frog really – more like one of those little frogs that used to be as prevalent in a backyard as fireflies, but you don’t see them much any more.

You turn your mouth away from the mic – hoping it’s quick and quiet – while still keeping the rhythm going. You recover in time to start the chorus – maybe a beat late. You finish the song with only a couple of incidents.

You keep drinking water. As each successive song goes by, you begin to think you’re going to pull it off. As the water begins to run out, you take a chance and push it a little, getting a little louder. You finish with another loud song. Fortunately, no one heard the coughs and gurgles.

The crowd enjoyed it and you leave the stage to get more water – hoping you didn’t do any damage to your vocal cords. The time I refer to was not too bad. Unfortunately, other times have not gone as well.

What is your “show must go on” story?

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.



reach-for-the-stars-flyerLittle Anthony asked me to be a judge for his Reach for the Stars Talent Contest. As you see in the picture of the flyer, the winner receives $500. Contrary to the flyer though, it will be held on Friday nights, not Tuesdays, but will still start at 8 p.m.

There will be 12 weeks of competition, 6 weeks of semi-finals, and a grand finale. Anyone who is interested and is over 21 should call 214-660-4799 to book a spot. There will be no drop-ins. The contest will be held at Harbor Point Club and Grill on Buckingham in Richardson. There are still spots open, so call to book a spot. Did I say the winner gets $500?

If you have been around Dallas a good while – particularly in music – you have heard of Little Anthony. Which would be Anthony Bellante, Jr. He played for years with his band around Dallas. He has taught kids to play a number of instruments and sing in his World Class Entertainers school and studio. He also has a CI-TV channel which will not only “broadcast” the talent contest, but also a few Christian shows. He also has a number of side businesses.

Anthony has held the talent contest for a number of years. It was affiliated with StarSearch in the 90’s. Leann Rimes got her start after being in the contest. It’s going to be fun, if nothing else. I’m looking forward to being a judge and performing. I don’t watch the talent contests on television, but it will be interesting to be involved in one and get to play.

So call and book a spot or put it on your calendar to come hear some good talent. Audience response is always a factor. Harbor Point has pool tables, dart boards, and shuffleboard tables to keep your hands busy while you listen to the music. Not to mention the food and drinks.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.


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