Times of love,

Times of grace,

Years of waking up

To your sweet, lovely face.

Times of sorrow,

Times of tears,

Years of having you

To love away my fears.

As I have you,

You have me,

We are us,

Us is we.

Our love was beautiful

Thirty years ago,

It is amazing now,

Incredible, mind-boggling.

Thinking of you

Being in love with me,

Makes me dizzy

And it is difficult to see.

When I think

of the beauty that is you,

I’m so thankful it was us

On whom God’s love sparks flew.

Our love is so complete

I sometimes get silly, or nervous,

Living in awe of the magnificence

That is the we that God gave us.

[From the upcoming book, Timepieces, Contrasts, and Memories, by Dan Roark.]

Peace be with you.