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target-on-montfort-3Now that I’m past the pesky winter cold that thousands of us had to varying degrees over the past few weeks, I can continue the Valley View mall saga – read part one here. First of all, thanks to Andy Merritt for calling my attention to the Shell station that was on the corner next to the McDonalds that I didn’t mention in part one.

It occurred to me when I was thinking about the Target being there before VV mall that it was arguably one of the first super Targets. From inside Target, you could walk through a small cafeteria area to the grocery store on the other end of the building. At one time – or another – Target owned the grocery store. At other times, it had different owners.

When it stopped being a grocery store, it was the original site of the Chuck E. Cheese that is now down the block – connected by concrete to the ill-fated VV mall. It was a few other things over the years, but they escape me. I’ve slept since then. But it was an experience in that grocery store that led to my song Supermarket Wreck of ’75. Which I still end a lot of my shows with.

But back to the issue at hand, it could very well have been one of the first super Targets by design. An experiment, as it were. If you were around then, you remember there was always a sense of change when you went into the store. People greeted you cheerfully and there always seemed to be something new or different. But at the time that sense of change was felt a lot.

The irony of this post just occurred to me. I’m writing about the Target being one of the only businesses there before the mall was built. And it will be there after the mall is gone.

Peace be with you.


Squirrel 1I was letting the dogs, Buddy and Misty, out into the backyard. Buddy took off to make his rounds through the backyard. Misty, who is quite a bit older and heavier, rumbled out past the large trunk of the tree. When she was just past the tree, she stopped, looked up at the tree, and half-heartedly let out a quick bark. Then she turned her head back around as if to say “oh, the hell with it, it’s too hot,” and sauntered on to one of her favorite resting spots.

So I looked up at the tree, and sure enough, there was a squirrel hunkered down in the crook of the tree. I went to get my camera and he hadn’t moved. I walked up closer slowly while taking pictures. As you can see, the only thing he really moved was his eyes – and his head just a bit, as he looked at me. I imagined him talking to me and saying the following:

“Look, I don’t mind you taking pictures. In fact, take as many as you want. But please don’t tell those damn dogs I’m here. This is the coolest spot in the tree and I really don’t want to move right now.”

So I didn’t. I’ve felt like that myself. When I find a good spot that puts me in a good place, I want it to last as long as it can – Squirrel adon’t you? Come to think about it, most of my best memories are those times when I’ve found myself in a new good place, feeling the same way. I hope I’ll always have those memories. I have relatives and friends who have already lost some of their memories.

I’ll cherish those memories as long as I can. So that, in a tough period, I can pause and reflect and re-live those memories. So they can take me back to those good places. And I can get that sense of calm and peace again. Once again still wanting it to last forever.

Peace be with you.

Dan Roark and Sons 3 For the past couple of years, I have been getting music together in preparation for recording a new CD. I didn’t play much when the boys were growing up, what with Little League baseball, church activities, and disc golf tournaments. Now Conner and Cameron are 20 and 19, respectively, J.D. is a senior, and it’s time to get back to playing music. We all play in the praise band at church occasionally.

I started with my old standards and added the new songs I’ve written over the past few years. As I was practicing and getting ready to go into the studio, I kept thinking of other songs I’ve written that I hadn’t thought of in a while. But when I looked in my notebooks, I could not find some of the songs I was looking for. And some of the songs I found didn’t have the chords written down.

I remembered the songs in my head, of course – for the most part. And I have a large number of tapes. My musical partner, Joel Nichols, and I were fanatics about recording practices and shows (sadly, Joel died in 1999). Yet not all of the tapes are labeled as to what songs are on them. Unfortunately, there are no clues such as – “this is the recording of that song that you remember was particularly excellent.” So I get to spend a lot of time listening to tapes. Which means a lot of recordings of the same songs.

Which is my cross to bear. Here’s my point – keep track of everything. Back everything up and date it. Having everything on computer is useless if you don’t know where to find it. But you’re a couple of steps ahead of me. I still have boxes to go through and copyrights to renew.

Joel and I thought we could hit the big time at any moment. We would spend our lives playing the same songs, along with new ones we were writing. It never occurred to us we might not sing them long enough for them to settle in the backs of our minds with other old memories. Fortunately for me, I played most of my songs enough that, even if I didn’t play them again, I probably will never forget them. Once I started playing the newly found old songs, they usually came back to me fairly easily. Yet there were others that didn’t come back as quickly or easily.

So trust me, don’t rely completely on your memory. You’re already having to write songs, record, give interviews, make appearances, and plan tours (among other things). Don’t leave anything to chance. It can come back to haunt you.

Peace be with you.

Times of love,

Times of grace,

Years of waking up

To your sweet, lovely face.

Times of sorrow,

Times of tears,

Years of having you

To love away my fears.

As I have you,

You have me,

We are us,

Us is we.

Our love was beautiful

Thirty years ago,

It is amazing now,

Incredible, mind-boggling.

Thinking of you

Being in love with me,

Makes me dizzy

And it is difficult to see.

When I think

of the beauty that is you,

I’m so thankful it was us

On whom God’s love sparks flew.

Our love is so complete

I sometimes get silly, or nervous,

Living in awe of the magnificence

That is the we that God gave us.

[From the upcoming book, Timepieces, Contrasts, and Memories, by Dan Roark.]

Peace be with you.

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