E-Flat Porch Band

E-Flat Porch Band

At the Poor David’s Pub Open Mic on Monday, February 15, we had the good fortune to hear the E-Flat Porch Band as the featured act. The band consists of Duane Brown on guitar and Rudy Littrell on the upright bass. Although Rudy sits while he plays, so it’s more like a leaning bass.
But the way he played it made how he played it irrelevant. And Duane was an excellent compliment on guitar.

The band opened the KNON Blues Fest at Poor David’s and Troll invited them to be featured at the open mic. Those who were there for the open mic were glad he did. They played a set that included some standard blues tunes, such as a Robert Johnson song, and Mance Lipscomb’s Relax Your Mind. The duo also played their own song, Sugarcane, that pretty much pulled out all the stops on both bass and guitar.

If you get the chance to see the E-Flat Porch Band, do yourself a favor and do so. From jokes to stories to dueling harmonicas, Duane and Rudy are the complete entertainment package. They have been playing together for twenty years and it shows in their natural camaraderie and harmonious musicality. Blues, Folk, Americana – roots music at it’s best. You need to check out the E-Flat Porch Band.

Peace be with you.