Dan at MichaelsIt’s odd how things turn out. You can attribute it to it being a small world, but that does not explain the timing of the incident. God has a hand in it, but he has a lot of things to deal with more important than a chance meeting. Then again, sometimes God’s hand is enough. Be that as it may, these instances are enjoyable to be part of. Reinforces your faith, as it were.

My first night playing at Michael’s Sports Grill on Josey in Farmers Branch, I was hoping someone would come. It had been raining for a couple of days. I was happy to see a friend from church walk in the door. It was Marthann Daft – the purple lady to those who know her (and some who don’t, come to think about it).

Marthann sat at the bar and struck up a conversation with a couple while I was playing. [I’ve been playing long enough to realize that – as long as you play well – they hear you and appreciate you.] Anyway, it turns out that the woman was not only in dentistry – as Marthann has been for decades – but she also knew Marthann’s son, David, who has not been with us for quite some time. Marthann felt as though she had a momentary time with David while connecting with part of his past. I know that through experience, but that is another post.

On another night when I was playing at Michael’s, my daughter, Jennifer, came to hear me. She also sat at the bar. And, again, a couple came in and sat at the bar – Justin and Monica Blackburn. After my last set, Justin helped me get everything in my car except my guitar. Then he and Monica bought me a beer while we talked for a while.

If you recognized the last name and have ever put Blackburn’s preserves, jellies, etc., on your toast, Justin is a part of that family. TJ Blackburn Syrup Company, Inc. is located in Jefferson, Texas. My wife, Cyndy,s, family on her mother’s side is from Jefferson. We own the part of the family land that her mother left her. Justin and I spent time talking about Jefferson before I left.

We all know it’s a small world. Come see me at Michael’s Grill (Fridays and Saturdays 7 – 9 p.m.) – or any of my shows – and you never know who you might run into. At the very least, we can run into each other. That works for me.

Peace be with you.