Dan at WildflowerI substituted for Mr. Troll at the Poor David’s Pub open mic last Monday night while he took care of personal business. Unlike other open mics I have hosted – including PDP open mic – Monday’s went relatively smoothly. One guy showed up after the show had started and wanted to sign up. But he wanted me to bump somebody from before the featured artist to after to accommodate him. Other than that though, it was a good show. It was as if we were doing it for Troll.

I opened the evening. I remembered to talk about the drink special, but I forgot to mention Carlos Sanchez on sound and to tell people to be sure to tip Leslie, the bartender. Shame on me. I told people about Carlos, just not on stage. Regardless, I played a good tight set. Mike Newkirk followed me. He performed well, despite having a sore throat previously. Jovani Flores played a good set, in his unassuming fashion.

Emma Walsh preceded the featured artist. As I said in my introduction, I have had the privilege of watching her grow in her musical career for the past few years. Her voice is mesmerizing, though it still has a ways to grow. She played a song she wrote about the shooting during the protest called I Said Hello to the Devil. It’s a nice song.

Sleepy Creek, the featured artist, took the stage next. I’ve been waiting to post for the names of the band members and haven’t heard back. I didn’t have a chance to write them down. But I do know that Joel Edgar Hill is the acoustic guitarist and lead singer. They are definitely a down home band. One of the songs I really liked was the song about cornbread and making it without sugar. A good time band with interesting stories to tell in a blues and Americana way.

Mike Freiley followed Sleepy Creek, then Wild Bill Skye before Darren Rozell played his three song set. Newcomers to the open mic, Travis Armes and Justin Kemp, both played a tight set. Gary Hurst and Tull Rea rounded out the evening. From first to last, it was an evening of good music. But that’s not uncommon at the Poor David’s Pub open mic. Just saying.

Peace be with you.