Towel on showerI say part one because people are doing stupid things all the time and some of them make really good stories. And, as they say, the hits just keep on coming. And part one usually means there is a better than good chance that there will be a part two. And so we begin.

When I finish drying off after a shower, I throw my towel over the shower rod so it can dry. I make sure that the tag end goes over the shower rod on the inside of the towel. I do the same with the hand towels. That’s the way I learned to do it. The tag is not supposed to be obviously apparent. I don’t go spastic about it or anything. It’s just the way I think it’s supposed be hung.

I had a big long towel that I really liked until it began to wear out. But when I got it, I thought it was great. I finished my shower, grabbed the towel and dried off. Which I also do the same way every time. When I finished drying off and found the end with the tag and threw it over the shower rod.

Then I saw that the tag was on the end showing on the outside of the shower curtain. Well, crap. So I switched it around threw that end over the shower rod. I looked down and there was the damn tag. It was early in the day, but still. I repeated the action one more time before I realized there was a tag on both ends. Who freaking does that?

I figure there was one guy or gal in the towel factory that decided he was going to screw with some customers by putting tags on both ends. I haven’t had it happen since. Maybe I’m just getting the right towels. I don’t have a clue. Anyone else do something stupid they’re willing to admit?

Peace be with you.