Mr. Dramatic’s Attic Attack


Two steps forward

One step back,

Gave Mr. Dramatic

An attic attack.


His mind is reeling

Because someone came in.

Vow of silence

broken again.


New changes, new habits

Become the same old routine,

Unless the rarity between two people occurs

And a new love is seen.


When it flows from the heart,

Yet does not bypass the mind,

It brings to mind special

and one of a kind.


A wink is to a Friday

what a picture is to a thousand words,

Setting free the bird

and seeing it return.


There is new light in the attic,

The windows are ajar,

A toast to the dreamers

wherever they are.


It is the essence of togetherness

Transcending distance,

Ultimate communication,

understanding circumstance.


Two steps forward,

One step back,

Mr. Dramatic handles

the attic attack.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.