Isolated Jester


When days have no meaning

They run end to end,

Stylistic abortion,

an end to begin.


Walls behind curtains –

Doorways to pain,

Neon paths to nightlife,

shine dull in the rain.


Laughter from a woman,

Rings in the ears,

Of the isolated jester,

Knowing not what he hears.


Laughter of the loving,

wind chimes of the nerves,

Straightaways are the silence

before the storm of the curves.


The young love forever,

the old just a while,

Awaiting the sadness

that follows the smiles.


The vision remains lovely

while nothing is said,

Leaving the jester silent

inside his head.


Love is a memory

in a fire’s blue flame,

Faces in the shadows

recalling the name.


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.