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Cyndy and I went to the St. Patrick’s Day party at Community Beer Company on Saturday, March 16. For $15/$20 at the door, you got a Kiss Me I’m Texan Irish glass and three beer tokens. We figured it would be a good party to go to and try craft beers. They also had brewed special Irish style beers and that beats green beer every day of the week.

I didn’t know until we got there that it was $20 at the door – if I had I would have pre-registered. But we figured all told we got our money’s worth.

I started with Hop O the Morning for obvious reasons. It was a full-bodied beer with nice flavor. If there hadn’t been so many choices, I would have stuck to it. Cyndy had the Public Ale, an English style ale that is full-bodied and rather smooth.

Next round, Cyndy had Razzy, a smooth beer with hints of raspberry as you would surmise from the name. I tried Michael J. Hops, which I got without a token because the keg blew before my glass was full. Which was just fine by me, but even more so when I discovered it was quite a bit more “hoppy” than I prefer.

The Texas Lager I chose next was as you might figure – a light bodied lager. It had a nice flavor. Cyndy just had to try the Snickerdoodle Ale. A spiced mild ale with cinnamon and vanilla, it actually tastes remarkably like snickerdoodle cookies.

With my final token I chose Wittbier, a Belgian style white ale. It blended well with the other ales we had tried while adding a little extra bite to the flavor.

Cyndy and I plan to go back to Community Beer Company when we get a chance. The staff was very friendly, courteous and efficient. There was a good vibe among the patrons. And there are more beers we want to try.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

Dennis Boykin

Dennis Boykin

Once Again Music in Forney had an open mic/jam new year’s eve celebration. Dennis Boykin, owner, usually has an open mic on Saturday, so this was just a special edition, shall we say.

Cyndy and I arrived a little after 8 p.m., which is when the party was supposed to start. I paid for both of us and signed us both in and received our raffle tickets. It was BYOB, so I needed to acknowledge the fact that we brought our own. As well as sign up on the open mic list.

I was rather looking forward to playing on new year’s eve. It has been many

Darren Rozell

Darren Rozell

years since Cyndy and I did anything for the evening except hang out with the sons that were home at the time. Our families hung out together on New Year’s Eve and we do the same. Cyndy and I went to a couple of NYE parties in high school – together and separate – that went rather badly. I will be posting about one of them soon. But this seemed like a good time to celebrate the occasion by going out and being with friends. And the open mic was a bonus.

Dennis started the show with a few rock and roll tunes. Then Zach Welch played about five country songs. Darren Rozell then played mostly his own songs, including I’m All Whiskeyed Up, Now. Then the Once Again Band played a few songs before Cortlynn Blankenbaker joined them on stage for a few numbers.

During the evening a taco bar, snacks, and desserts were available. Stacy Smith and friends prepared the food. Stacy’s is the only name I know. I met Stacy and Darren at the Poor David’s Pub open mic on Mondays, hosted by Mr. Troll. Come to think of it, I met Dennis Boykin at a PDP open mic.

dan-roark-aAnyway, people gathered around, ate food, and visited while listening to the performers. There was a station set up on the wall with Happy New Years decorations on the wall. On a bench sitting to the side were hats, glasses, and other props for people to wear in often humorous pictures. Since I was a visitor – as it were – I didn’t take any pictures of people posing for New Year’s pictures.

I played after the band. I played four of my songs, ending with the audience participation song, Supermarket Wreck of 75. The crowd really got into it, which always makes it more fun and it was perfect for the party. After my set, they played music over the system so line dancing could take place. After the line dancing, Curtis McCallum played a number of songs. Curtis has a good voice and sang them very well.

Cyndy and I left shortly after Curtis’ set. It was well after 11 o’clock and we wanted to get back across town before people who had more than they should to drink began to drive home. But it was a good party and kept going for a while.

And it doesn’t have to be over. You can hear the same people on most Saturdays at the open mic. Maybe Cyndy and I occasionally. You can find more pictures of the evening on Instagram and Facebook (feel free to like the page while you are there).

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.

DSC07035Most recipes for the mix that I have known are all similar. I think my mom called it Chex mix when I was younger – which makes sense. Cyndy’s mom’s recipe calls it Texas Nibbles. It consists of three kinds of Chex cereal, Cheerios, Kix, pretzel sticks, and mixed nuts. And spices, but you’re on your own there – I’m not allowed to give that away.

Cyndy usually makes two batches each year. The first batch sits on the stove and we all eat on it for days. The second batch gets divvied up and put in plastic bags for each of us.

Pardon my absence there for a bit, I couldn’t write about the mix without going in and having some. Besides, it’s research for the post.
Each year I have observed different people eating the mix. But that’s all I did. This year I decided to name and describe the methods for eating the mix.

The Scoop Method – This is the care-free, take what you get, style of grabbing a bowl and haphazardly scooping up a bowl full. The ratio of ingredients is torn asunder. Then they just randomly eat some until they can just shake some into their mouths. This could actually be hazardous if they don’t keep an eye out for the pretzel sticks.

The Handful Method – This method is similar to the scoop method. However, the handful people pick the pretzel sticks out first to eliminate the hazard. But then they still throw caution to the wind as to the ingredient ratio and funnel it into their mouths.

The Handful But Picky Method – As you would expect it is similar to the handful method. They still eliminate the pretzel stick situation. But then they eat the rest in order of favorite ingredients – all of the Cheerios, then all of the Kix, all of the Chex, and so on, ending with their “best” ingredient.

The Selfish Picky Method – This type stands over the mix and picks out all of their favorite ingredients, leaving the ones they don’t like as much. Such as eating all of the nuts and the pretzels, leaving the rest. Which renders the ratio of ingredients unrepairable for everyone else.

The Handful But Reasonable Method – This is of course my type of eating the mix, which naturally makes the most sense. I too have a few pretzels first to eliminate the hazard, and have a nut or two. Then I get a proper ratio of the rest of the ingredients. I pick out the same number of each cereal each time until I grow weary and dump the rest in my mouth – staying true to the ratio theory.

Sporadically, I will throw caution to the wind and just randomly grab a handful of mix and funnel it gradually into my mouth. Then I try to not think about it and go back to whatever I was doing when I stopped for mix. And that works for a couple of minutes. Inevitably though, I give up, and go back to do the process right to make me feel better.

Most of you have eaten from a snack mix, whether it be a bag of mix from the store, or a homemade mix like I’m referring to. What is your preferred method of eating from a mix? And also, what habits of other people irritate you at a get together or party? Inquiring minds want to know.

Peace be with you.

Caroling 4A week ago yesterday, I accompanied the children, and my granddaughter Kelley, as they went to the youth and adult Sunday school classes and sang Christmas carols at Christ United Methodist Church. After gathering, and coloring with crayons, the children left the gym and headed upstairs. We gathered in the hall of the youth wing above the gym. The children sang a couple of Christmas carols as the youth and leaders came out of their classrooms to listen and join along.

Then the children went to each adult Sunday school class. After entering each class they sang  one  carol and Caroling 1then filed out singing a second song. Many of the adults sang along. The glow on their faces at times rivaled that on the children’s faces. When the children had visited all of the Sunday schools, they headed for the gym. In the gym, the children sat at tables, colored pictures, and talked as the leaders served Jesus’ birthday cake to each table. They also had water or juice to drink.

As the Sunday school time came to a close and parents began picking up the children, one thing was clear. With seeing St. Nick the morning before, and putting on the Christmas Cafe musical the evening before, going caroling, and celebrating Jesus’ birthday, the children definitely had a good head start on the spirit of Christmas. Their eyes displayed the tired joy of celebration (albeit with sugar rush). And the best part of it? Christmas is yet to come!

Peace be with you.    Birthday party for Jesus

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