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Caroling 4A week ago yesterday, I accompanied the children, and my granddaughter Kelley, as they went to the youth and adult Sunday school classes and sang Christmas carols at Christ United Methodist Church. After gathering, and coloring with crayons, the children left the gym and headed upstairs. We gathered in the hall of the youth wing above the gym. The children sang a couple of Christmas carols as the youth and leaders came out of their classrooms to listen and join along.

Then the children went to each adult Sunday school class. After entering each class they sang  one  carol and Caroling 1then filed out singing a second song. Many of the adults sang along. The glow on their faces at times rivaled that on the children’s faces. When the children had visited all of the Sunday schools, they headed for the gym. In the gym, the children sat at tables, colored pictures, and talked as the leaders served Jesus’ birthday cake to each table. They also had water or juice to drink.

As the Sunday school time came to a close and parents began picking up the children, one thing was clear. With seeing St. Nick the morning before, and putting on the Christmas Cafe musical the evening before, going caroling, and celebrating Jesus’ birthday, the children definitely had a good head start on the spirit of Christmas. Their eyes displayed the tired joy of celebration (albeit with sugar rush). And the best part of it? Christmas is yet to come!

Peace be with you.    Birthday party for Jesus

St. Nick's entrance

St. Nick’s entrance

Every year, for a number of years now, due to the efforts of Debbie Darland, her family, and volunteers, St. Nick/Santa has arrived at Christ UMC in Farmers Branch on a Saturday in December. This year it was December 12th. As Santa was still making his way there, the morning began with a sing-a-long led by Youth Director David Magallanes with Jaime Boenig and Jack Texada.

After the sing-a-long, Debbie announced that Mrs. Claus was sick and would not read the Christmas story this year. And since Santa was “still stuck in traffic,” Katheryn Taylor would read to the children. Which she did, quite well. Since she helps with the children on a regular basis, they were very receptive to her.

Then Santa arrived, preceded by a penguin. Why the penguin led him in is still a mystery. Since Mrs. Claus was ill did a penguin fill in? Why wasn’t an elf taking her place? Do people prefer penguins over elves? And why make us choose between elves and penguins anyway?

Regardless of the penguin/elf debate, Santa took his seat and began to call the children to him. Which Jamie Boenig, David Magallanes, Jack Texadasounds like someone else we know who is associated with Christmas. The children wanted to see Santa Claus. But they also spent time at the manger scene to the right of the stage, looking at baby Jesus.

A list was posted of the order in which the children would be called to see Santa. The families who were further down the list went to get breakfast so they could eat before their child/children’s names were called. Those at the first of the list would eat after talking to Santa and having their picture taken. Members of the Pathfinders Sunday school class cheerfully cooked and served the breakfast.

Rachel Meier and Carly ImthurnSanta finally made his way through all the children and headed on to the next stop. The youth helped to clean up the gym and the Pathfinders class cleaned the kitchen. The children headed home with their parents. Some of the children would be asleep before too long. But all left excited and happy. Thanks to Debbie Darland and family, the youth, Pathfinders class, and all other volunteers not named here for another successful Breakfast with St. Nick, with 80 children this year.

Peace be with you.

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